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16 March (Wed)

Opening (H.Yamada) ----------------------------------------

Highlights of LHD 14th experimental campaign

Magnetic Topology (Y.Narushima) ----------------------

C. Hegna (U.Wisconsin-Madison)
A model for the interaction of poloidal flow and magnetic islands in LHD

Y. Narushima (NIFS)
Present status of island study

Y. Suzuki (NIFS)
Effects of Magnetic Islands on the Poloidal Rotation in the TU-Heliac


H mode (T.Akiyama) -----------------------------------------

K.Toi (NIFS)
Formation of edge transport barrier in stochastic field region on LHD

(video participation)

T.Estrada (CIEMAT)
Signature of turbulence spreading during the H-L back-transition in TJ-II plasmas

J.Geiger (IPP)
Attempt of an MHD-equilibrium analysis of an H-Mode discharge using vmec2000/diagno

M.Hirsch (IPP)
on the H-mode survey NF paper

H-mode Summary

17 March (Thu)

Database Issues (M.Yokoyama) --------------------------

A.Kus (IPP)
Joint paper on discriminant analysis of the confinement database (submitted to EPS2011)

A.Kus (IPP) Report on the database development since the last CWGM

H.Funaba (NIFS) Equilibrium Data Registration from LHD


Discussion on 3D session in ITPA (A.Dinklage)

Energetic Particles (K.Toi) --------------------------------

Candidate issues on energetic particles in helical devices
K.Toi (NIFS) [D.A.Spong (ORNL)]
Theoretical point of view from D. Spong

Energetic particle driven modes in helical devices
K.Toi (NIFS)
Alfven eigenmodes studies on LHD

Alfven eigenmodes measured in the TJ-II stellarator

S.Yamamoto (Kyoto U.)
Energetic ion driven MHD instabilities in low shear device
Heliotron J

Energetic ion transport and losses by TAEs and other MHD modes
K.Ogawa (Nagoya U.)
Energetic Ion losses induced by various MHD modes on LHD

Energetic Particle Issues - Theory and Simulation -

Confinement of energetic beam ions
M.Osakabe (NIFS)
Experimental Evaluation of Fast-ion confinement through
fast-neutral measurement with NB-blip experiments

R.Seki (NIFS)
Re-entering effects on fast ion distribution function in low
collisional LHD plasmas