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6 June (Wed.)

Opening (R.Wolf, A.Dinklage)


Contribution to ITPA

M.Jakubowski (IPP)
Joint Experiment: Transport and Confinement (TC-24)

RMP issues

M.Jakubowski (IPP)
Changes in transport with RMP

S.Sakakibara (NIFS)
RMP experiments in LHD

Wall Conditioning

F.Tabares (CIEMAT)
Studies of Lithium as a PFC in TJ-II

H.Laqua (IPP)
Wall Conditioning Strategy for Wendelstein 7-X

Joint Experiments

H.Yamada (NIFS)
On the memorial occasion of 10th CWGM,
Possibilities for joint experiments in LHD

E.Ascasibar (CIEMAT)
Possibilities for joint experiments in TJ-II:
Machine status and plans

S.Yamamoto (Kyoto U.)
Possibilities for joint experiment at Heliotron J:
Present status and plan

3D Equilibrium

Y.Suzuki (NIFS)
3D Equilibrium studies in LHD high-beta plasmas

J.Geiger (IPP)
Outside the Last Closed Magnetic Surface

Flow & Viscosity

S.Satake (NIFS)
Proposal : Simulation/Experimental studies on flow and viscosity in helical plasmas,
Analysis of neoclassical poloidal viscosity in LHD plasmas by a δƒ Monte Carlo simulation

J.L.Velasco (CIEMAT)
Experimental measurement and NC calculations
of the viscosity at TJ-II

R.Wilcox (U.Wisconsin-Madison)
Measurements of Reynolds stress flow drive
and radial electric fields in the edge of HSX

C.Hidalgo (CIEMAT)
On the coupling between flows, turbulence and viscosity

7 June (Thur.)

Transport Validation

A.Dinklage (IPP)
Activity on Experimental Transport Model Validation:
Status of IAEA-FEC joint paper

A.Dinklage (IPP)
Neoclassical Transport Model Validation:
Contributions from W7-AS

D.Lopez-Bruna (CIEMAT)
New experiments with NBI plasmas in TJ-II

V.L.Velasco (CIEMAT)
NC analyses for the joint IAEA paper

M.Yokoyama (NIFS)
Transport Model Validation: Contributions from LHD

Particle Transport

K.Tanaka (NIFS)
Particle Transport of LHD

A.Dinklage (IPP)
Space-Time Evolution of density profiles
in LHD High-Performance Plasmas

D.Lopez-Bruna (CIEMAT)
Particle transport in TJ-II plasmas

Transport Issues

N.A.Pablant (PPPL)
Ion Temperature Profile Measurements
from the XICS Diagnostic on LHD

A.Briesemeister (U.Wisconsin-Madison)
Comparison of the Flows and Radial Electric Field
in the HSX Stellarator to Neoclassical Calculations

Alfvén Eigenmodes/Energetic Particles

S.Yamamoto (Kyoto U.)
Studies of energetic-ion-driven MHD instabilities
in low magnetic shear helical plasmas

M.Otte (IPP)
Fast Particles at WEGA Stellarator

Database Issues

A.Kus (IPP)
Joint EPS paper: Singularization of data subgroups
in the International Stellarator-Heliotron
Confinement Database

H.Funaba (NIFS)
Status of ISHPDB: International Stellarator-Heliotron Profile Database

8 June (Fri.)

Reactor/System Design

R.Wolf (IPP)
Roadmap Discussion and HELIAS Perspectives

T.Goto (NIFS)
Development of System Design Code for Heliotron Reactors and Helical DEMO Reactor FFHR-d1

F.Warmer (IPP)
Upscaling W7-X

F.Schauer (IPP)
Helias reactor HELIAS 5-B

F.Castejón (CIEMAT)
Activities in Stellarator Optimization at CIEMAT

Follow-up Discussions/Conclusion

H.Yamada (NIFS)
Deuterium Experiments on TJ-II and Heliotron J,
L-H Transition, 3D-effects on zonal flows

P.Drewelow (IPP)
Divertor Heat Flux Measurements
and HINT2 Calculations at LHD

S.Satake (NIFS)
Joint action plans on Flow and Viscosity

M.Yokoyama (NIFS)
Work plans and targets for 2012-2013

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