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14th (Warsaw, June 17-19, 2015)

Wednesday, 17 June
08:30-09:00 Registration  
09:00-09:15 Welcome R. Zagórski (HRU), A. Czarnecka
Logistics M. Yokoyama
09:15-09:40 A. Dinklage
EUROfusion Stellarator activities
Strategic collaboration Chairman: A. Dinklage
09:40- 10:05 S. Masuzaki
Brief report on Stellarator-Heliotron Strategy Workshop (March 2015, Nagoya)
10:05-10:30 M. Yokoyama
Development of TASK3D-a, and its linkage to Stellarator- Heliotron Database (ISH-DB)
F. Warmer
Recent updates of ISH-Profile DB
10:30-10:45 Coffee break  
10:45-11:10 S. Yamamoto
Status report on Alfven eigenmode and energetic particle (AE/EP) session
AE/EP Chairman: S. Yamamoto
11:10-11:35 A. Cappa (remote)
Impact of ECRH on the NBI driven Alfvén activity in the TJ-II stellarator: experiments and data analysis
11:35-12:00 Y. Kazakov
Fast-Ion Generation with ICRF at W7-X in High-Density Regimes
12:00-12:25 V. Moiseenko
Plasma build-up and confinement in Uragan-2M device
Experiment Chairman: S.Masuzaki
12:25-14:00 LUNCH
14:00-14:25 G. Pełka
New W7-X computational mesh for 3D finite difference fluid code Findif
14:25-14:50 S. Kumar
Progress in understanding flows and Electric field in HSX
14:50-15:15 Discussion (Strategic collaboration, AE/EP, Exp. )  
15:40-16:00 Coffee break  
16:00-16:25 Free discussion  
19:30 Conference dinner  
Thursday, 18 June
08:50-09:15 [Start at 8:50]
C. Hidalgo (remote)
Kick-off key note talk on impurity issues
Impurities and transport Chairman: N. Tamura
09:15-09:40 A. Alonso
Inertia of impurity flows in stellarators
09:40- 10:05 N. Tamura
Study of an impurity transport boundary layer in LHD plasmas
10:05-10:30 S. Kumar
Impurity transport studies in HSX using laser blow-off
0:30-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:10 M. Dreval
Concerning impurity dynamics in U-3M and U-2M stellarators
11:10-11:35 S. Satake
Recent study on impurity transport in core plasma using neoclassical transport simulations
11:35-12:00 Discussion (Impurities, transport)
12:00-12:25 K. Ida
Diagnostics and their data handling for the efficient international collaboration research in LHD
Chairman: M. Kubkowska
12:25-14:00 LUNCH
14:00-14:25 S. Yamamoto
Overview of diagnostics in Heliotron J
14:25-14:50 C. Suzuki
VUV spectroscopy of tungsten ions in LHD plasmas
14:50-15:15 R. Yasuhara
Approach to the transient plasma phenomenon by the Thomson scattering measurement
15:15-15:40 M. Jakubowski (remote)
Limiter experiments in the initial campaign of Wendelstein 7-X
15:40-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-16:25 M. Kubkowska
Pulse Height Analysis system designed for W7-X
16:25-16:50 I. Książek
Construction of light impurity spectrometer: C/O monitor for W7-X
16:50-17:15 M. Chernyshova
Application of GEM detectors for soft X-ray plasma diagnostics
16:45-17:15 I. Zychor
Detectors for Gamma-ray Diagnostics in Plasma
Friday, 19 June
08:50-09:15 [Start at 8:50]
A. Dinklage
Data analysis of Pellet injection induced transport on LHD
Fueling/particle transport Chairman: K. McCarthy
09:15-09:40 K. J. McCarthy
A Pellet Injector For Performing Plasma Fueling Studies in TJ-II
09:40-10:05 J. L. Velasco
Particle and impurity transport studies in experiments with pellet/TESPEL injection
10:05-10:30 R. Sakamoto (remote)
Introduction of the pellet injection system and relevant experiments in LHD
10:30-10:45 Coffee break  
10:45-12:25 Summary report from all the session chairs Proposal for PWI collaboration : S.Masuzaki Compiling action list Summary Chairman: A.Dinklage